Unfaithfulness – Cause and/or Effect in Couple Dysfunctionality?


  • Ciprian Corneliu Ciurea Ps. PhD Candidate, “Aurel Vlaicu” University, Arad, Romania


ABSTRACT: Over time, when in crises, the partners in a marital couple have tried to solve their problems in an extramarital frame, the unfaithful relationships being the constant cause of couples’ dissolution, no matter the age or durability of the marriage. Unfaithfulness has been the way married people chose to express themselves against narrow, traditional patterns, and a dull private life. Therefore, the adulterous relationships have meant, to some extent, the attempt to compensate for the dissatisfactions of the married life, thus sweetening the banality of the conventional and the bitterness of having an unwanted partner. KEY WORDS: marital couple, faithfulness, unfaithfulness, sexuality, variables of unfaithfulness



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