Married Couples’ Perception of Unfaithfulness


  • Ciprian Corneliu Ciurea Ps. PhD Candidate, “Aurel Vlaicu” University, Arad, Romania


The postmodern society finds itself now more than ever, under the sign of sexuality, people becoming more and more “open” to everything that implies “sex”. Temptations are more and more explicit both on the level of fashion, makeup, music, and on the level of leisure and holidays. Sex has become so present in our culture that it became a part of the air we breathe in (Weeks 1986, 4). Moral and legal constraints that once made unfaithfulness a sin, shameful or a felony, are now gone. Today's society almost does not constrain you to be faithful, only the love for the spouse being able to do so. KEY WORDS: marital couple, faithfulness, unfaithfulness, sexuality, typologies of unfaithfulness, explanatory theories



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