Married Couples’ Perception of Faithfulness


  • Ciprian Corneliu Ciurea Ps. PhD Candidate, „Aurel Vlaicu” University, Arad, Romania


couple, marriage, fidelity, traditional, modern


The dynamic character of the marital interactions often guides the marital couple either towards stability, cohesion, and progress or towards instability, discord and sometimes, even dissolution. The biological, physical, and spiritual forces ensure matrimonial faithfulness. Starting with the internal and external factors, we have analyzed the progress of the individual from realizing his psycho-sexual identity to entering the marital couple, and therewith emphasizing, from a sociological and psychological viewpoint the numerous theories that highlight the marital option. When establishing the different marital typologies, we took into consideration only the relationships between the partners of marital couples, analyzing the marriages through the criteria which define the family life: cohesion, stability, tension, belligerency, adjustment, integration, and development.



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