Promote Sustainable AI to Limit the Ethical and Technological Futuristic Issues


  • Samah Nassar Lecturer PhD, Faculty of Arts and Design, October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Cairo, Egypt


AI, sustainable usage, ethical issues


AI as a technology is effective in bringing about much transformations but it cannot be denied that along with the advantages that it is laced up with, there are certain challenges as well. These challenges mostly relate to ethical issues and the concern here is how sustainable is AI or how is the concept of sustainability related to AI. The main objective of the paper is to discuss on the ethical issues of AI in brief and then to figure out as to how the world can move towards sustainable AI technology. The study is needed in this time when across the world there are growing concerns as to how human activities can be sustainable. Sustainability has to be the core issue and with a technology as AI that is being taken as one of the major technologies, there is a need to evaluate it in terms of sustainability. Here the method used is simple and is fully based on reviewing of recent articles, journals and other secondary sources taken from the website Google Scholar. The major finding hints at the fact that sustainable AI is not a new concept and that it is already in its third phase. AI is known to play a versatile role by acting on many different targets across the SDG’s and on different sectors.  However, it is important to note that these effects may not always be positive, and that negative impacts are plausible and been recorded. And, in order to develop sustainable AI, there is a need to consider the three aspects that are environment, economy and society.



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