Moral Leadership


  • Cristian Marius Munteanu General Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Inter-European Division, Bern, Switzerland, Education & Chaplaincy Director


morality, leadership, values, moral behavior, followers


Leadership has become one of the most important topics and challenges in society. In spite of the growing literature available, leadership is still perceived as both a term having no definite form or distinct shape and an uncertain nature or significance. Beyond the lack of understanding concerning the nature, traits, objectives of the leading process, leadership is an essential component of the human condition, given the specific problems of the society, difficult to manage. Leadership is neither a position or title nor an action. It is instead an interactional process in which leaders and followers involve in reciprocal interaction to achieve common goals. An appropriate approach to this process recognizes the value of all elements of the process. However, this article proves that the actions of a leader impact significantly the perceptions, attitudes and actions of the followers. The more is known and understood about how the leader’s example conditions the follower’s responses in regard to the principles delineated, the more likely it is that the theoretical principles and ideals exposed by leaders in speeches and mission statements will yield satisfactory results.



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