The Sources of Pauline Ethos


  • Ioan Szasz Sola Scriptura Bible College, Chicago, IL Ekklesia Bible College, Atlanta, GA


Paul, ethos, moral, values, Judaism, apostle, Christianity


This article aims to elaborate on the sources of Pauline ethos by presenting individuals who influenced Paul’s thinking, and by demonstrating how his moral values were formed. Apostle Paul was the most influential apostle over all of Christianity. The very important contribution of his ministry can be seen in two aspects: missions and writing. Even though St. Paul demonstrated flexibility in the way he approached the mission, he had clear and strong values, evident in the way his epistemology followed his ontology. Paul was interested in becoming first and acting after. This perspective protected him from erroneous decisions. He also had to analyze very diverse types of situations. His values helped him to make correct decisions, based on the Old Testament and Jesus’ teaching. Paul, a traditional Jew, though born in Tarsus in a Greek culture, kept the very early Jewish values, which were rooted in the Old Testament. After his conversion, the apostles from Jerusalem, and later in Antioch, discipled him. But the critical moment of his life was the journey from Jerusalem to Damascus, when he experienced a direct revelation from Jesus. Pauline ethos was built based on the environments in which he lived.



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