‘Aging in Place’ in Bangladesh: Challenges and Possibilities


  • Fawzia Farzana Associate Professor, Khulna University, Bangladesh
  • Tanmoy Malaker Masters Student, Khulna University, Bangladesh


Being a country turning from developing to middle income; Bangladesh is facing a tremendous change in its family bonding and age-old social customs. Social and physical development is increasing, on the other hand, the dependency rate is decreasing to a great extent. It has become a burning question that what would be the future or social status of old age people in contrast to the young blood who are determined to build their own society according to their own interest. The research will bring to light the existing situation of a residential area of middle-income groups to ?nd out the problems are faced by the older adults living in there. It will draw a lucid picture to represent the current situation of the older adults are living in the so-called planned residential area of Bangladesh. ‘Aging in Place’ refers to, having people remain in their homes and communities for as long as possible and also avoids the costly option of institutional care and is therefore favored by policymakers, health providers, and by many older people themselves (WHO 2007). The older adult needs assistance or helps for leading their day to day life as they become unable to do all their works because of their health issues. As the hands for their assistance are decreasing, a question comes out often, is there any need for institutional care for them or the situation is still well enough for aging in place? The research will give an overview of the possibilities of ‘Aging in Place’ using proper statistics and case study analysis. While the overall situation says about the independence of the older adults, the assessment shows that there is a magni?cent opportunity to ‘Aging in place’ in Bangladesh.

KEY WORDS: ‘aging in place’, older adults, displacement



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