God’s Existence and the Possibility of Knowing Him


  • Samuiel Bâlc PHD, Theological Baptist Institute Bucharest


The real knowledge of God is essential to human life. You cannot get to know God except when you value the work and the Word of God. The fact that some people promote so aggressively unbelief in the existence of God does not mean that He does not exist. It must be remembered that every man has the opportunity to know God. This knowledge of God and communion with Him depends on the choice of each individual. The Bible says that God exists from eternity to eternity (Ps 90: 2), in other words, God has neither beginning nor end. Even if we cannot fully understand certain things about God, that does not mean we cannot know God. This article highlights the reality of God’s existence and the fact that man can know God in a personal way.
KEY WORDS: God, existence, knowledge, man, faith



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