Unqualified for Knowledge: When Dissent Ruins Everything


  • Foszto M. Arpad Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania


The art of the world is a mirror of the souls of its people. The art of a specific time is a mirror of the people's souls in those times. This is how the author understands the impressive difference between the contemporary arts and those of the past. The movies of the 21st century, for instance, respond to the momentary needs of the soul of our fellow friends. They shape the inner needs of the viewers by indulging them with violence and many kinds of depravations, which ultimately lead to the loss of wisdom. The paintings also have a vague message, giving the viewer freedom to participate in the cultural act of interpretation with his imagination. This paper attempts to show that we are under attack using the means of the natural affections, and we become therefore weaker spiritually and physically every day. To annihilate this attack, we need to re-learn the discipline of the “excellent ones”, of the “worthies” of the past. Otherwise, our knowledge and judgment will be harmed by our affections and our spiritual values will also suffer accordingly. KEY WORDS: knowledge, epistemology, indulging, contemporary art, affections, excellent ones, affective epistemology



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