The Moral Role of the Person in the Process of European Integration and Unification

Stelian Manolache


The study aims to depict and evaluate the terms from the relation Individual-Person-Citizen, starting from the determinant role of the Person in the religious consciousness of the European Recent Man (Patapievici, 2001). We also intend to analyse his capacity and availability in assuming and concretising the religious vocation in a globalising post-modern world. From this perspective, the New Europe does not yet have a well-defined identity. We will analyse, from the Christian moral anthropology, the starting point of this historical process of the identity, convergence, integration and unification of the European Union. We will highlight, in this context, the capacity of the Person – a concept promoted by the Cappadocian Fathers – in the process of overcoming the conflict Individual-Citizen, which generated in time a series of conflicts on the audience and on the social moral prestige of the Christian faith and religious practice. Our approach will start from a Christian theological horizon of messianic eschatological expectancy, by assuming an analytical perspective generously offered by Orthodoxy. 

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