Ethics and Law - The Role of Legal Ethics Course in the Formation of Future Romanian Juridical Professionals

Daniel Fodorean


Morality has connotations and implications in all spheres of personal life and social life. One of these spheres in which morality should be present is the justice system, from which there is the expectation to be a defender of human rights and fundamental freedoms and to make justice. In order to achieve this goal, law professionals must act morally and responsible, and the laws of a state must integrate the morality in their text and transpose moral principles into practice. A role in the formation of the moral personality of a lawyer is his education, education that must also addressed the moral dimension. One of the courses addressing this moral dimension is Legal Ethics prepares the student to integrate personal ethics with professional ethics. The purpose of this article is to present the importance of integrating into the School of Law curriculum of the Legal Ethics course and a possible approach to ethics in relation to the law.

KEY WORDS: morality, legal ethics, school of law, juridical professionals


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