Ethno-cultural Pluralism in European Cities and Policy of Multiculturalism: Global and Local Aspects

Aleksandra Egoreichenko


Abstract: With the increasing urbanization and migration processes in European cities, ethno-political processes have intensified, and cities have become the central place of localization of intercultural contacts. European cities are the objects of multiculturalism policy, developing and supporting ethno-cultural diversity and tolerance. Cities reflect simultaneous trends of globalization and localization. Because of deepening of the processes of globalization, the role of local areas and cultures increases. The modern European metropolis is looking for ways to coordinate the cultures and values of different civilizations. Cities perform a cultural function, enabling cultures to survive. At the local level, cities create mechanisms for involving ethnic communities in social life, and the interests of communities are observed. European political institutions create action programs for the implementation of these mechanisms. The policy of multiculturalism in the metropolis is the search for ways of coordinating the cultures and values of various civilizations. 

Key words: Globalization, localization, European city, multiculturalism, municipal policy, ethnic differences

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