Determinative Elements in the Growth of the Church in the Context of Religious Pluralism

Samuiel Bâlc



 One of the things that can be observed, looking at the beginnings of the Church, is that it grew in spite of the religious pluralism in which they operate. Even though the Church has been assaulted by all kinds of extraneous teachings, has not had political support, or has even gone through various persecutions, it has continued to grow and provide the world with a testimony worth following. In the present context, when the Church is increasingly fragmented because of all sorts of disputes and totally inadequate preoccupations unrelated to its mandate, you cannot help wondering what can lead again to a healthy growth of the Church even in a context in which religious pluralism is increasingly accentuated. Unlike those who have adopted and applied in the Church all sorts of worldly models and practices, believing that in this way they would be more relevant to the world and the Church will increase significantly, this article will highlight that, the same way as it was in the beginning, today the Church can grow in a healthy way. To the extent that each of these elements will be valued: holiness, unity, worship and edification, the Church will be able to grow and fulfill the mandate it has received. 

KEYWORDS: holiness, unity, worship, edification, Church 

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