Quo vadis? A controversial look at the Reformation

Arthur Wagner



The 500th anniversary of the Reformation is a positive event on many aspects of society in which not only the theological but also the social achievements of this powerful movement initiated by Dr. Martin Luther are especially highlighted. This study, however, aims at revising at the historical level the interaction between the positive attitude and one of denigration of the Reformation movement, present from the beginning to the present day. This relationship is mirrored throughout history, especially in the Catholic-Protestant discourse. The current positive dialogue on the Reformation event sometimes creates a mild impression on it. A glance behind the historical backdrops reveals a completely different reality: in the last 500 years, the Reformation movement and Luther as its initiator have suffered from a severe slander which consequences have been felt until now. Even though this tension will not dissolve in the future, however, Christianity still needs precisely this reform spirit to survive. 

KEY WORDS: Reformation, Martin Luther, Counter-Reformation, Protestantism, Catholicism, Ecumenism

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