Sola & Tota Scriptura— Intrabiblical Phenomenology

Godina Bojan


 The Sola & Tota Scriptura principles in Protestantism no longer have the meaning, which they had in Reformation, but have now been relativized by modern theology. The following article attempts to point out these principles as genuinely Biblical principles that show a great similarity with the fundamental aspects of Husserl’s phenomenology. Comparing Biblical texts and the fundamental methodological steps of phenomenology, the Bible has requested these precise methodological steps in its intrabiblical instruction manual. The biblical statements underline the impression that the whole Bible repeatedly contains different variations of the Reformation principle. In analogy to phenomenology, the biblical references might help us to find “back to the Biblical phenomena”. 

KEY WORDS: Sola Scriptura, Tota Scriptura, Reformation, Phenomenology, Biblical Phenomenology

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