Metaphorical Mediation Apparatus: The Case of the Psalms

Mihaela Alexandra Tudor


This study belongs to the communication studies domain and it is focused on the Psalms as a metaphorical mediation apparatus. The Psalms are a memory place that transmit through a paradigmatical act of communication the meaning of the mediations which made possible their real existence: the primordial mediation through the creative Word of the world, the mediation through the revelation of the Word which has made the law of the world, the mediation through the memory of the Word creator of the history... These mediations will be, for now, an opportunity to defend the universality of “worlds”, “places” and “meanings” established and communicated through psalms through the universality of the manner of creation – the mediation at the ontological level and, in this case, the metaphorical mediation at discursive level. 

KEY WORDS: mediation, communication, metaphorical mediation apparatus 

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